» What is Osteopathy?

What is Osteopathy?

To facilitate the natural healing processes present in the human body in order to correct underlying causes of dis-ease.

Why Osteopathy vs. a traditional doctor?

To address and improve recurring symptoms of dis-ease at their fundamental levels, instead of a temporary solution.

The History of Osteopathy

Andrew Taylor Still was a conventionally trained physician, an MD, who developed an alternative medical philosophy out of his frustration with the medical system of his day.  By studying the human form and function, he determined fundamental principles, including the idea that the human body has the ability to heal itself and that this healing system is guided by an innate intelligence.  Based on these observations and principles he created the hands-on healing art of Osteopathy (circa 1880). 

William Garner Sutherland D.O. further developed the ideas of A.T. Still into what is now known as the Cranial Model of Osteopathy.  During his treatments, he observed subtle motions in the cranium and began the process of elucidating their characteristics.  Through study of cranial anatomy and that of the central nervous system, he was able to correlate what he could palpate with the function of the system.  He observed that the motions had patterns, such as expansion and contraction, along with various rates, which he coined cranial rhythmic impulses.  Later he determined the impulses were present throughout all tissues of the body.  Over many years he determined that the motions and impulses were the healing system in action; they were the means by which the innate intelligence was expressing itself in a therapeutic process.  He called these vital rhythms originating in the central nervous system and permeating throughout the body the Primary Respiratory Mechanism.  Dr. Sutherland began teaching his Cranial model in the 1940’s and his work has been carried on by his students and their students to this day.   

How does Osteopathy heal?

When Primary Respiration is obstructed or impaired by trauma or injury, symptoms of dis-ease can appear.  An Osteopath specializing in Cranial therapy has spent many years and thousands of hours developing their palpation skills to the point that they can sense the state of one’s health through the quality of Primary Respiration.  Also, they are trained to connect directly with the Primary Respiratory Mechanism and by gentle adjustments can help release the effects of trauma, thereby improving the natural flow of vital energy and facilitating the body’s natural therapeutic processes, helping to bring you to a healthy and vigorous state.