» Holistic Medicine: Physical Health, Peace of Mind, and Clarity of Consciousness

Holistic Medicine: Physical Health, Peace of Mind, and Clarity of Consciousness

Holistic Medicine Book

By Jerry Gore, MD
Paperback, 308 pages
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Have you ever had a body ailment that no physical treatment could cure? Has your state of mind ever affected your health—for better or worse?

These are the types of questions that only alternative medicine can address. Holistic medicine isn’t a passing fad; it’s a comprehensive approach to health that recognizes the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. Rather than writing off traditional medicine, however, author and holistic medical practitioner Jerry P. Gore, MD, acknowledges it as one approach within the bigger picture of health possibilities.

Introducing the basic concepts of holistic medicine, this easy-to-read book highlights the range of methods you can practice in your everyday life, from nutrition and exercise to yoga chakras and meditation. Examples are accompanied by real-life case studies to better illustrate how these techniques work and what they can accomplish. There’s even a twenty-four-hour health plan included in the appendices so you can immediately put what you’ve learned into action.

Your health and well-being are essential if you want to fulfill your potential and enjoy your life. Discover how to build a partnership between your body, mind, and spirit through the art of holistic medicine and start reaping the benefits today.

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What People Are Saying

“It is clearly and simply written in a way that anyone can follow.” — Edward S. Reiff

“Many books in the health & wellness genre claim to be holistic. They fall short of that label by really discussing discussing a particular diet, set of botanicals or extreme philosophy. Dr. Gore’s book is refreshing holistic: it discusses the reasons a person becomes ill and the process for identifying best healing practices.” — M. Smekens

“This is a book everyone should read- sooner rather than later.”


About Jerry Gore, MD

Jerry P. Gore, MD, is a holistic medical physician with over 32 years of experience specializing in integrating an individual’s body, mind, and spirit into a custom treatment plan specific to that patient’s needs.

He earned his MD from the University of Illinois Medical School, completed his post-graduate training at Northwestern University’s Institute of Psychiatry, and apprenticed and worked with Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, with whom he pioneered holistic medicine in the Midwest, from 1983 to 1994.

Co-founder and medical director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in Riverwoods/Deerfield, IL, Dr.Gore practices both general medicine and psychiatry from a holistic perspective, leading a team of doctors offering a unique blend of traditional and alternative medicine to their patients. He also lectures and writes about holistic medicine and has published a CD on nutrition entitled Take Two Apples and Call Me in the Morning: Food for a Healthy Life.