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Dr Rick Bisceglie
He talks about  TMJ

Dr Rick Bisceglie
He talks about  Neck Pain

Dr Rick Bisceglie
He talks about  muscle strain

Dr Rick Bisceglie Interviewed  on   Inner Quest.
He talks about  Naprapathy  and IR Therapy



Goodbye Anxiety and Depression, Hello Fulfillment
Dr Jerry Gore MD

Gluten Grains & Gut Health
Julie Martin ND, FABNO

Gluten sensitivities is a major cause of hidden health problems in our country. Gluten sensitivities affects men , women  and children of all ages. In this video  Julie Martin explores the causes of Gluten sensitivities , effects on health, and how we can help ourselves .


Intro to  Homeopathy
Olga Saletsky – Homeopath

In this video,  Olga Saletsky  shares her excitement  about patients  who have been successfully treated with homeopathy.