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Frequently Asked Health Questions

We know that living in the information age can make it easy to get lost in the midst of google searches and wiki articles. So when it comes to health, we want to make it easy for you to find answers to your questions. Here is a list of frequently asked health questions, and if your question isn’t listed, then just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and our very own team of doctors will answer your questions.

Do you treat children?

Here at the Center for Holistic Medicine we are kid-friendly. We love children and make it our joy to serve them with utmost care and sensitivity. It’s a great idea to start using holistic health treatments at a young age to prevent illness and health problems in later years. So bring your whole family!

I’ve been on a prescription for years. Can you help?

We are experts in the medical field and are passionate about rehabilitating and transforming every patient. We would love to meet you and start you on the path to recovery!


Ask Dr. Gore

At the Center for Holistic Medicine, we value education and teaching you in terms that you can understand. We know everyone has questions and would love the opportunity to answer some of yours. Just ask below below: