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5/13/2011: God Put a Stamp On It

“God put a stamp on it”   Recently, a patient told me that she gave her daughter a homeopathic remedy called Thuja, made from the arbor vitae plant. I asked “is it for warts?” “Yes” she responded. How did you know? “I guessed it because I knew of … [Read more...]

I feel safe here…Arthritis Recovery

"I feel safe here," said Betty, as she began to cry softly. The pain of arthritis in multiple sites along with her other medical issues of hypercholesterolemia (too much cholesterol in the blood), hypothroid (too little thyroid), hypertension, and … [Read more...]

35 yr old woman suffers from Asthma, reduces dependency upon inhalers

In holistic medicine, a person's symptom or illness becomes an opportunity to learn. This learning brings a sense of self-awareness leading to self-regulation - fancy words meaning: "I'm no longer a victim to a disease - now I'm taking control of my … [Read more...]

Behold – The Power of a Food Sensitivity Test

A lovely woman in her 50's, an accountant, was working with her headaches and asthma, as well as with occasional high blood pressure and digestive issues. Our clinic began using a blood test for food sensitivities, testing inflammatory mediators such … [Read more...]