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6 Types of Fats That Are Actually Good for You

When it comes to fats, there is a lot of confusion about which fats are good to eat and which ones are problematic. We’ve all heard that we should avoid a high-sugar, high-fat diet. But on the other hand, you’ve probably heard that coconuts and nuts … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Achieving Clarity of Consciousness

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I released my first book, Holistic Medicine: Physical Health, Peace of Mind & Clarity of Consciousness. When I had the idea to write the book, I wanted people to understand something important: That … [Read more...]

Move it or lose it! Exercise please .

Move it or lose it! Exercise please . Low back pain? Huge problem. The data still shows that a combination of exercise and education is the most effective way to lessen the chance of recurring low back pain. Do you know someone that is aging? … [Read more...]

The End of Antibiotics?

End of Antibiotics? Recently, in the Chicago Tribune, an article ran the headline "slow catastrophe"as golden age of antibiotics nears end" They stated that "disease-causing microbes have evolved to resist even the most potent meds." In the … [Read more...]

Do Anti-Depressants work for anxiety ? What is the Alternative?

"The effectiveness of second-generation anti-depressants to treat anxiety disorders has been over-estimated, according to a recent study in the online JAMA Psychiatry. In some cases, researchers warned, the drugs may be no more significantly useful … [Read more...]

“Hurray for Broccoli”

“Hurray for Broccoli” Indole-3-carbinol the enzyme found in the Brassica species of vegetables (Broccoli, Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Collard Greens, Arugula) helps protect against breast cancer in three ways; It deactivates estrogen, so … [Read more...]

“Nuts” to You, I mean to your health!

 "Nuts" to You, I mean to your health! Did you know that a handful of nuts a day decreased "all cause mortality" by 20%! If you call someone a nut, you might be giving them a compliment. Nuts contain fiber, monounsaturated fats, vitamin … [Read more...]

Cheese Anyone?

  Cheese anyone? I was talking to Dr Bisceglie this week and we began discussing cheese. I showed him several allergy tests from patients and almost all had some allergy to dairy. I believe its the milk protein casein that is responsible. … [Read more...]

Happy 18th Anniversary Center for Holistic Medicine!

Congratulations Center for Holistic Medicine on our 18th year in Riverwoods/Deerfield, IL! We are proud to have a great selection of providers including md's, do's, chiropractic, natropathic, and a wealth of body workers. Looking forward to being … [Read more...]

Vitamin D – More of Less?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about how much Vitamin D we should be taking. I’ve read opinions about how we should have anywhere from 30mg/ml to 90mg/ml. Initially it was “the more the better” but on the westinprice.org website, they make … [Read more...]

Saying Goodbye…..When?

I had a patient who appeared depressed. We decided that she was keeping her feelings inside. She was going to leave her dear ones and had not said goodbye. It became clear that the time to say goodbye actually... was before the time for leaving  … [Read more...]

Congress, Community and Blessings; A Lesson Here?

The House of Representatives is fighting with the Senate. They each have a different idea about how things should go. Why does it seem so difficult to work things out? What can we learn fro...m this? Yoga philosophy describes the 3rd chakra, the area … [Read more...]

Congress, Community and Blessings; a Lesson here?

The House of Representatives is fighting with the Senate. They each have a different idea about how things should go. Why does it seem so difficult to work things out? What can we learn from this? Yoga philosophy describes the 3rd chakra, the area of … [Read more...]

Fish Lovers – the Good, Bad, but not the Ugly

Cold-water fish such as tuna, salmon, herring etc. are full of wonderful fats called omega 3 fatty acids. They are anti-inflammatory and there are also studies to show that they are cardio protective and may help prevent colorectal cancer. However, … [Read more...]

Understanding Chocolate

Do you like chocolate? If so, then you will be interested to know: Chocolate is great partly because of the flavonoid content. Flavinols are phytochemicals also found in red wine, fruits, vegetables and teas that help prevent death from … [Read more...]

Sleep Naturally

Many people are looking for natural products to help them sleep.  Recently, I learned a couple of interesting ideas that I want to pass along to you. Melatonin: Everyone has heard of it.  Did you know it might not be effective if taken at night?  … [Read more...]

Statins: Please Caution Your Loved Ones

Last weekend, I heard Dr. Brownstein speak about the problems with trying to lower cholesterol with statins.  He gave us information that showed very little benefit to these drugs along with a long side effect profile.  He stated that in one study, … [Read more...]

Biofeedback : Heart rate variability improves your health!

Ellie Wolf just presented an amazing lecture to our staff at the Center concerning her ability to use biofeedback equipment to measure the miliseconds that pass between heartbeats and how this affects our health. This brief interval of time is called … [Read more...]

Vitamin D Update

  There has been a lot of discussion lately about how much vitamin D we should be taking. I’ve read opinions about how we should have anywhere from 30ng/ml to 90ng/ml. Initially it was "the more the better" but on the westinprice.org website, … [Read more...]

Yoga, good balance, and trying not to fall after menopause!

Which comes first, your hip fractures and you fall or you fall and then you fracture your hip? (G-d forbid)  Answer -It can happen both ways, especially if you have osteoporosis. We all know that the practice of yoga can help us create strength and … [Read more...]

Avoiding the Diabetes Epidemic: Fatty Chance!

They predict one of three people born today will develop adult onset diabetes! The other day on CNN I saw an article in which a researcher had used the glycemic index (G.I.) (a measurement of how a specific food becomes sugar in the bloodstream … [Read more...]

6/20/2011: Treating Anxiety & Depression Naturally with Bio Identical Hormones

Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook hormone imbalance as a cause for anxiety or depression. I have begun to take an "estrogen dominance " survey of women who present with anxiety or depression because too much estrogen is associated with anxiety and … [Read more...]

6/7/2011: I Drank Raw Milk!

I Drank Raw Milk! Can raw milk be ok? There is quite a grass roots movement going on throughout the country focusing on the value of offering people the choice to obtain raw dairy products. The raw milk people claim that raw milk from healthy cows … [Read more...]

5/11/2011: Feed Your Soul Today

I read in the paper that Oprah was looking into acting because “life is too short”. The sages say that each day is “fashioned”. They mean that life is precious and all of us should mindfully work with our thoughts, speech and actions to create or … [Read more...]

5/4/2011: The Upper Wash

The Upper Wash   This is a cleansing technique from Yoga designed to remove excess mucous from the stomach and lungs in the morning after awakening on an empty stomach. As we sleep, our respiratory tree is brushing mucous up into our mouths, we … [Read more...]

4/20/2011: Super Carrots, Super Vegetables!

Super Carrots, Super Vegetables! by Center for Holistic Medicine on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 9:51pm How does a carrot become a super food? By fermenting it! It’s really amazing. If you take a vegetable and combine it with salt and whey, … [Read more...]

2/8/2011: Bone Health-a Holistic Perspective

Bone Health-a Holistic Perspective   Our bone begins to break down in the 3rd and 4th decade of life; about 30-35 for women and 40-45 for men. Over the years I’ve had a few important recommendations for my patients and I try to follow them … [Read more...]

Testing Our Spiritual Reflexes

Testing our spiritual reflexes     The economy and the news have created quite a stir in all of our lives this past year. I have spoken to so many people who are stressed and unhappy. My own life and the life of our center have been greatly … [Read more...]

Health, Weight Loss and Fats: Surprise! It’s Not What You Think

Health, Weight Loss and Fats: Surprise! It's Not What You Think by Jerry Gore, M.D. Part One   One of our terrific patients recently referred me to some reading material about healthy weight loss ideas. We discussed the idea that a person could … [Read more...]

Health, Weight Loss and Fats: Surprise! It’s Not What You Think, part 2

Let’s take a closer look at saturated fats. As I write this I’m still astonished that the much-maligned saturated fats (coconut oil, butter, palm kernel oil, flesh fats) are so helpful in a variety of situations and the polyunsaturated vegetable … [Read more...]