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Dr. Gore and Katie Bogaard

Thankfully I ran into a friend that was a patient at Center for Holistic Medicine. I was frustrated and just feeling hopeless after cat scans, ultrasounds, labs, and doctors wanting me to get surgery or take medications that I just did not want to take or need. I felt very low energy, anxiety, bloated, weight problems for 2 years, and just not me. I had an idea of what I needed, but not the knowledge to go in the right direction.

That’s where my friend suggested an appointment with Dr. Gore at the Center for Holistic Medicine. They didn’t look at me as a certain symptom or condition, but as a whole person. I not only met with Dr. Gore, but with Olga Saletsky and Katie Bogaard. They continued to adjust and tune me up. I was so excited to take the Spectracell Micronutrient Test and the US Biotech Antibody assessment. I know it’s a bit pricey, but we wanted to see what else was affecting my inflammation and other symptoms. It is so true that one thing or a few things off in my case affects so much. I found that I needed certain supplements and found hidden culprits in my diet that I didn’t realize I was reacting to. So many things stems from “gut health.”

I’ve felt so much better as we keep tweaking and tuning and the tests help pinpoint the culprits. It really shows, as others in my life make comments on how healthy and great I look. I have hope, energy, and a better perspective of what I need for optimal health. I can totally live this lifestyle and feel more like the real me that hasn’t been this way for a couple of years. The icing on the cake is since April 29th to July 10th I’ve lost 14 lbs.  I feel and look like a different person than when I first walked through the doors at Center for Holistic Medicine. This has been so worth it, and I’m so blessed with what I like to call my “Dream Team”!

— M.H.


Dr. Randall Davis, Chiropractor

After trying, unsuccessfully, to get pregnant for over two years I decided to go see Dr. Davis.  I was a little wary of trying what’s considered an alternative medical practice but I wanted to try all angles.  After my initial visit he was able to determine just how off balance my hormones were and started me on a supplement routine to correct that.  After only seeing him a few times my hormones started to “take a turn for the better” according to my fertility doctor.  Not long after that, I went for an exam and found out that my body was ready to try to get pregnant.  After a long time of trying and a lot of frustration I recently found out that I finally am pregnant and I plan to continue seeing Dr. Davis to help me sustain the pregnancy as well.  I’m very grateful for his help and I would recommend him to anyone else in the same situation.
— J.F.

Eric Lieb, Mindfulness Trainer

“Eric’s mindfulness training is a must for anyone who is trying to improve the quality of his or her life. Eric’s warm, thoughtful, and caring introduction to mindful meditation has helped me realize the importance of making time for myself and appreciating present moments. I have a greater understanding of the importance of addressing everyday problems and situations with kindness and self-care, and have learned new techniques for dealing with stressful times.”

— Wilma N.

“Mindfulness has taught me how to appreciate the ‘now’ and has helped me find a deeper sense of peace in my everyday life. The practice has become a part of my daily routine and it’s given me a deeper sense of appreciation and gratitude for the present.”

— Caitlin S.