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Meet Dr. Gore

Dr. Jerry Gore, Holistic Psychiatry

Dr. Jerry Gore

Dr. Jerry Gore

Dr Gore is as graduate of Northwestern University’s Institute of Psychiatry Dr. Gore is currently the Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in Riverwoods-Deerfield, where he has practiced Holistic General Medicine and Psychiatry. For 25 years, he has practiced the integration of physical, energetic, mental and spiritual therapeutics-all in the same treatment program for a given individual or wellness package as applied to a person’s health or a corporate need.

Your health program may involve what best fits your needs such as:

Nutrition and Supplementation
There are many situations which may improve with natural foods or supplements such as vitamins or amino acids. We are currently using urine tests to guide us in choosing such therapies and are having good results with the treatment of anxiety, depression, and fatigue. We also use standard blood work to make sure we are not overlooking a thyroid problem, anemia, or Vitamin D deficiency etc.
Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine refers to Homeopathy and flower essences. We also have seasoned acupuncturists on site
Stress Reduction Techniques
There are many types of awareness exercises for relaxing the body and calming and focusing the mind, including breathing and meditation techniques.
Counseling and Psychotherapy
Dr Gore draws from his training and experience with analytic and gestalt therapies as well as being influenced through the eastern Yogic, and Hebraic traditions in order to help individuals or couples improve their  health, happiness, and sense of well being.
There are practical ways of connecting to the higher part of oneself, such as being able to tap into your intuition and inner guidance, or feeling fulfilled in your daily activities  and  realizing your unique purpose in life. We may use the modalities of therapy, contemplation, and meditation to bring this about.

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