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To Replace old Apothecary PictureAt the Center we are pleased to provide full and wide-ranging supply of medical grade supplements and homeopathic medicines in our Apothecary. More than ever before, we are meeting the needs of our patients by providing the highest quality nutritional supplements on the market. Also, every time you are prescribed a homeopathic medicine, our in house pharmacist will uniquely create the remedy for you each and every time.

The Apothecary is not only a place to purchase but to ask questions and learn about what you might need to do things such as build your immune system, find a natural remedy to assist cases of vertigo, or perhaps find an alternative to your current skin care. We exhibit the most personal customer/patient care as we desire to have you understand the benefits of a holistic lifestyle.

Please stop in our store from the hours of:

9am to 7pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

9am to 5pm Wednesday and Friday


Katie Bogaard is here to help with any questions  you may have about supplements, vitamins  or homeopathic  remedies.

Call  847-236-1701


The Amazon Herb Co. has recently merged with Trivita.

If you are interested in ordering  Amazon Herb Products, please click the following link:

www.trivita.com/14779924  call 800-991-7116 and when speaking with customer care reference account #14779924.

If you have any questions regarding this order, you may call the Center or the following number 800-991-7116.